Introducing the Monthly Listing Acquisition Flyer. There are only 18 slots available per month for booking. What is this so different from traditional flyer? At the price as followed, it can easily be one of the most value for money package that we had offered.

The specifications is 105gsm Artpaper, Double Sided Color Print and is STD size (200mm x 140mm). So what exactly is so good about this package?


$450 instead of $963 for 50Kpcs. Just for information, for 70gsm Woodfree Paper, Double Sided Color and same STD Size cost $599 in our pricelist. Just switching to this package means you just saved $149 on the SAME amount of flyers yet you get them BETTER quality!


Artpaper VS Woodfree Paper

Our artpaperĀ has a hard, smooth surface on both sides, and is created by a coat of chemical that ensure the printing color is vibrant. Due to the texture, it is stronger then non-coated paper and is partially water-resistant. Perfect for out-door distribution.

Woodfree paper, on the other hand, is a printing and writing paper that contains little to no mechanical wood pulp. There is a natural paper feel to it and is definitely not water-resistant at all. Our Standard flyers come with 70gsm woodfree paper.

Why Limited Edition? Limited in a Sense of?

We are selling this package at a very low price and thus to prevent the promotion from hitting our other products, we have to restrict the number of slots available. It rewards customers that believe in us and continue to book future slots making full payments as a result. The number of slots available is up to 18 STD Slots (200mm x 140mm) or 9 JUM Slots (290mm x 200mm) or anything in between.

Terms and Conditions? Who should I look for?

Terms and Conditions Applies, please find out more from our colleagues in the respective agencies.

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Listing Acquisition Flyer (New Product)
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